June 29, 2015 (week 102)

We had a pretty good week, it passed by really quickly. It was Stake Conference for our ward this week and I really liked the conference , I learned a ton. There was a lot of people there. The stake president, along with the temple president, the mission president and an area seventy. I was able to learn a lot from what they and their spouses talked about.

The temple president talked about a quote from president Hinckley, which said, “The temple is the final product of all we do in the church.” The city we are in right now, São Bernardo, is known for the large number of industry, think motor city. The temple president made a comparison that I thought was really interesting. When we build a car, we build it in parts. Each part is made seperatly then put on an assembly line and put together. Each one of these parts, in and of itself, serve for absolutely nothing, but only the final product is worth something. He compared this to the temple. The temple is the final product. While each piece of the gospel serves for a specific purpose, but without the temple, without the final product, its not worth a whole lot.

There was a few things that the area seventy said that I liked a lot, three things actually.

He talked about the importance of prophets. After the 9/11 attacks, there was a lot of worry about what would happen in the economy and the answer of the economist was that we should spend more money to stimulate the ecomony. The seventy said that, as an economist, that made a lot of sense to him, lower the interest rate to stimulate spending, but he said he was anxious to see what the prophet would say in the next general conference. President Hinckley told us to be content with what we have not make unnecessary debt. If our house or car serves our needs dont make a debt to buy a larger or better one. If this council was followed by the nation there would never had been a national recession. The prophet warned us and those who followed his council were protected. He talked about how President Monson has talked a lot about the Day of the Lord, the Sabbath, and how our family will be protected when we obey this commandment.

Each Sunday we have an oppurtunity to take the sacrament and think about how are week went. We have a time to think about the atonement. Peter, James and John are sometimes criticized for sleeping while Christ asked them to stay awake during the atonement. When we don’t take advantage of the time during the sacrament we are doing as the apostles and it is as if we are sleeping during the atonement.

He talked a little bit about his mission as an 18 year old. He said it was the calling that most changed his life more than the calling of bishop, stake president, mission president and area seventy.

I feel like that is really true, the mission is the spiritual luanching platform for our service to the Lord.

It´s really weird thinking about how my mission is coming to an end, I’m full of mixed feeling.

Elder Lawrence


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